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Tuesday, January 22 2019
Tip Tuesday - Anti-fog products

     While riding, especially in the winter months with the heater going and fully enclosed or during a hard rain when the temperature changes dramatically, windshields tend to fog.  Heading down the trail, you are constantly wiping the inside of the shield off, not able to see and not paying attention to the trial.  The fun ride becomes irritating and more of a hassle than enjoyable.  You can vent your shield or door, but what was the point of the heater if you are still going to be cold.  

     At UTV Headquarters we were sick of riding like this so we decided to start testing anti-fog treatments for windshields.  We tested 4 different brands to find the right one to recommend to our customers.

  • Rain-X Anti-fog
  • Invisible Glass Anti-fog
  • Nanoskin Anti-fog
  • Totally Green Anti-fog

     If you are looking for an environmentally safe product Totally Green is the brand for you.  The product works well and does not contain harsh chemicals.  Nanoskin did not seem to effectively stop fogging from occurring.  If you are more of a brand name person and like to know the reputation of a company, Rain-X works great.  Invisible Glass also worked just as well as Rain-X but does not cost as much.  Both Rain-X and Invisible Glass kept the shield clear and free of fog.

     Make sure when using any of these products you are using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching.  It is recommended to clean your shield before applying these products.  Proper cleaning techniques can be found here.  Make sure it is dry as well as letting the product sit for 10 minutes before exposure to ensure the product is fully activated.

       Our top pick would have to be Invisible Glass Anti-fog.

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